THE ISLAND OF KEA In the northwestern part of the Cyclades, a breath away from Athens, rests the island of Kea or Tzia as the Franks and Venetians conquerors renamed it. Kea does not reveal directly and easily its treasures. Apart from the beautiful blue waters and beaches, Kea has many hidden beautiful sites. You […]

Learn your mythology in Kea

Mythology Kea is the Island of legends and myths. The humid climate that prevailed during the historic years and the abundance of water springs fostered the lush vegetation of the natural landscape but also the lush imagination of the people. This is evident in that Kea’s first name appears to be “Hydroussa”, which derives from […]

KEA Agrotourism

How would you like to combine vacation and grape harvest? Vacation and beekeeping? Or what about vacation and acorn picking? Kea offers an alternative suggestion for the stay of those who wish to come in contact with nature and tradition. More and more guesthouses give you the opportunity to get actively involved with farming tasks […]